Cat Play Tunnel

Cat Play Tunnel
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A specially light cat's tunnel from nylon with 3 openings. You will not believe how your cat... more
Product information "Cat Play Tunnel"

A specially light cat's tunnel from nylon with 3 openings.
You will not believe how your cat will love this tunnel - he is hiding, trampoline and sleeping space in one.
By 3 openings can your cat in and jump out again - they can roll around with the tunnel on the floor - and many cats makes it really fun to jump on the tunnel - they use him as a fighter and a springboard.
Finally Bommel hangs in an opening to the play.

With the cat's tunnel you give to your cat a big pleasure.

Tunnel length 90 cm
Diameter 25 cm
Oval opening in the middle of 20 x 14 cm
Quality: Nylon

Colour Red
Our cat model Izzy, British Short Hair - 5.5 kg

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customer reviews on "Cat Play Tunnel"
10 Mar 2017

Prompte Lieferzeit, war innerhalb von 3 Tage in Österreich

Habe einen 2 Monate alten British Kurzhaar Kater und dieser war begeistert.

20 Dec 2016

Der Katzentunnel ist das absolute Highlight.

18 Feb 2016

Für unsere Kater der Hit!

Der Katzentunnel wird intensiv bespielt - auch unser sonst etwas schreckhaft-skeptischer Norweger liebt den Tunnel! Ich hoffe sehr, dass er dem Ansturm standhält :)

16 Jan 2016

Qualität der Ware und Lieferung

Rasche und problemlose Lieferung

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