Catwalk Sally

Catwalk Sally
from: Profeline

Wood finish:


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W 176 cm, D 38 cm, H 18 cm wall distance to the bridge approx. 15 cm. Weight 8,6 kg... more
Product information "Catwalk Sally"

W 176 cm, D 38 cm, H 18 cm
wall distance to the bridge approx. 15 cm.
Weight 8,6 kg

Catwalk Sally Consists of modules:
2x WB1 N, Wall bracket with extra support (W 13 cm, D 37 cm, H 16 cm)
1x WB1 D, Wall bracket duo with extra support (W 24 cm, D 37 cm, H 16 cm)
2x CW1,Catwalk bridge (W 88 cm D 22 cm, H 1,8 cm)
incl. installation set

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17 Mar 2015

Hervorragende Qualität und schnelle Lieferung!

Die Catwalks von profeline haben uns und unsere Katzen von Anfang an begeistert. Gute Qualität und stilvolles Design rechtfertigen den Preis.

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