CW1 Catwalk Bridge

CW1 Catwalk Bridge
from: Profeline

Wood finish:


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with Module CW1 you can build a long catwalk. To connect 2 Catwalk bridges CW1 you need the wall... more
Product information "CW1 Catwalk Bridge"

with Module CW1 you can build a long catwalk. To connect 2 Catwalk bridges CW1 you need the wall bracket WB1 D. At the ends of the catwalks wall bracket WB1 N is required in each case.
Note: The catwalk bridge CW1 fits in length not between the 2 - Post Cat Trees system.

Width 88 cm, depth 22 cm, height 1.8 / 2 cm
Weight approx. 1,8 kg

Pictured in: Wood finish Birch, Carpet Cover Classic Silver

The wood:
our platforms are crafted from high quality and flexible birch plywood and impregnated with oil wax. This finish gives the surfaces extensive resistance against moisture, as well as their robust and easy-care qualities. The visible wood grain and the decorative multiplex edges give the furniture an outstandingly stylish appearance. All wood edges are rounded, the surfaces are polished - excellent quality of craftsmanship, as you expect from sophisticated furniture.

With velour carpet covering – available in a range of colours
The carpet grade employed by us is typically used in heavy-duty office environments. This carpet is particularly durable and easy-care due to its short and dense pile. The carpet is tested for harmful substances and has been certified with the environmentally safe seal of approval at grade “GUT” (good).

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customer reviews on "CW1 Catwalk Bridge"
25 Mar 2017

Praktikabel & langlebig

Ideal als Fensterbrett-Ersatz. Die Teppich-Auflage hält lange und lässt sich gut absaugen.
Wir haben bereits 4 Stück im Einsatz & sie halten scheinbar ewig :)

12 Dec 2016

Modul CW1 Catwalk Brücke als Verbinnung

Mit der Modul CW1 Catwalk Brücke lassen sich wunderbar zwei Sisalsäulen verbinden.

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