MIUT - Small Symmetrical Climber

MIUT - Small Symmetrical Climber
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MIUT - the unique and innovative modular cat furniture - system in lightweight construction.... more
Product information "MIUT - Small Symmetrical Climber"

MIUT - the unique and innovative modular cat furniture - system in lightweight construction.

Stylish climbing stage, the cat and man inspire. The extravagant MIUT - Small Symmetrical Climber - made of durable and extra-stable felt.
The Miut modules are dimensionally stable and lightweight objects for wall mounting - they can be individually extended or supplemented at any time.
Create a completely new living space for your cat with Miut Katzenmöbel. With the Miut modules, your cat can live out the hunting instinct and break down pent-up energy with ease. At any time other wall objects can be added or even rebuilt - depending on the individual needs and needs of your cat - because every apartment and every cat is different. MIUT is easy to assemble, easy to modify and also cat-safe, as none of the parts are glued or stapled. The cat furniture can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner.

The Climber Small Symmetrical is mounted on the wall and is an ideal climbing aid on the high sleeping area. It's much like using a step on which your cat can pull along. The sturdy felt withstands the cat's claws. On the Symmetrical Miut her cat can also take a seat when the climbing has become too strenuous.
The Miut Small Symmetrical Climber consists of 3 parts that are easy to mount by hand.

Width 55 cm, height 32 cm, depth 27 cm
Without mounting material for wall mounting (screws and dowels)
Weight 0.7 kg
Colour Light Grey

Material MIUT is manufactured by European suppliers and producers. The felt is mainly made from used PET bottles and is 100% recyclable.
Production Recycled PET filaments form threads and fibers from which the felt is made. Production takes place in EU-based companies.

Care and cleaning The felt itself is hardwearing as well as water and dirt repellent. It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner without losing its strength and stability.
Easy to maintain
Production in Europe - Design in Austria - Made in Sweden

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30 Aug 2018

Gut aber teuer

Das Produkt ist wirklich gut und wird von unseren beiden Katzen sehr gut angenommen. Der Preis ist allerdings etwas zu hoch.

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