Lambskin Patchwork Hammock LM1

Lambskin Patchwork Hammock LM1
from: Profeline

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Make your cat an unique pleasure with a fur cover made of 100% lambskin in the current patchwork... more
Product information "Lambskin Patchwork Hammock LM1"

Make your cat an unique pleasure with a fur cover made of 100% lambskin in the current patchwork design. The cover is attached to the wooden fork with 4 hook-and-loop fasteners. The Lambskin round Hammock with the visible patchwork-leather backside makes your scratching tree not only cozy and an absolute pleasure for your cat - but it is also a piece of natural cosiness in your living space.
The skins are tanned and made in Germany (medical tanning).

Real lambskin - for beautiful purring!
Lambskin cover: width approx. 73 cm, depth approx. 58 cm
Quality: medicinal tanning (chrome-free)
Care instructions for a long life of your lambskin
- Coat should be aired regularly and shaken
- brush off light soiling or pressure points.

The lambskin:
Our lambskins are tanned in Germany in an environmentally friendly manner.
Particularly during tanning, attention is paid to a natural process without chromium and heavy metals.
Good to know: Chromate can trigger contact allergies - therefore a chromium-free Regulan tanning is used.
The medical tanning (Regulan tanning) is characterized by its golden-yellow wool colour.
With the patchwork technique, each article is lovingly hand-assembled and sewn in shape by selecting suitable lamb fur pieces. Thus the Sheepskin is optimally used and processed. After this elaborate sewing process our lambskin articles are sheared to a wool height of 30 mm.
In every life age lambskin can positively promote the health of your cat:
- the natural healthy warmth does well and relaxed. The lambskin, which is naturally bactericidal and dirt repellent, has a high self - cleaning power.
- Naturally regulating thermo-warmth
- Preventive and health-promoting - Skin and fur symphatic - No static charges.

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customer reviews on "Lambskin Patchwork Hammock LM1"
22 Apr 2017

Normalerweise alles bestens

War bisher super zufrieden mit Profeline und der Qualität, allerdings ist das Lammfell bereits nach einem Monat eingerissen, so dass ein Loch entstanden ist, wo man nun von unten das Fell herausschauen sieht. Trotzdem geht der an warmes Klima gewöhnte Kater immer wieder in die Mulde.

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