Minoumi - Mini-Pyramid Set Black & White

Minoumi - Mini-Pyramid Set Black & White
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Minoumi stands for Designed Cat Toys - Handmade with love in Germany. The young company is... more
Product information "Minoumi - Mini-Pyramid Set Black & White"

Minoumi stands for Designed Cat Toys - Handmade with love in Germany.

The young company is based in Aachen and produces with local manufacturers, these lovingly made catnip toys. She combines her two favorite themes: cats and design.
Cats love when things are always moving - and they love catnip. Therefore, the three cat toys are designed in the shape of small pyramids and filled with a special catnip mixture. The fabric consists of a layer of water-repellent fleece and a layer of 100% high-quality cotton (manufactured according to the Oeko Tex 100 standard). The different fabric layers as well as the special catnip mixture make the products durable, stylish and unique. And most importantly, all cat toys have been tested by cats and found to be good!
But best of all, while your cat is having fun, enjoy the beautiful design of Minoumi products.

Side length approx. 6 cm
Design: classic in black & white
no sample choice possible.
100% Made in Germany
Contents 3 pieces airtight packed

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31 Jul 2018

Das allerliebste Spielzeug

Meine beiden Kater lieben die kleinen Pyramiden. Sie haben das Spielzeug für sich eingenommen und lassen es kaum mehr los. Hervorragend!

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