Profeline -Cat Wand Woody Weasel

Profeline -Cat Wand Woody Weasel
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The Catnip Cat Wand Woody Weasel - is ideal for playing on the ground - and will delight your... more
Product information "Profeline -Cat Wand Woody Weasel"

The Catnip Cat Wand Woody Weasel - is ideal for playing on the ground - and will delight your cat guaranteed.

With its robust beechwood handle, cotton cord and sturdy rotating carabiner, the rod is ideal for larger or heavy cat rod pendants. The pendant weasel is lovingly handcrafted with many details and filled with French CatNip and valerian in pharmacy quality - so the hunt for the weasel is sure an experience. Not only the waylay and catching game will bewitch - also the common cat play with the fragrant weasel offers pure play fun. The long slender physique of the weasel invites your cat to scuffle and fight - and also the sisal feet are interesting - they can be plucked and chewed - and not to forget - the heavenly beguiling scent of CatNip and valerian will delight your cat.
The Profeline cat wand Woody with the unique pendant Wiesel is made with love in Germany .
And if you do not feel like playing a cat game, - Weasel is allowed to play with your cat even without a fishing rod.
The fluffy cotton fabric is woven in Germany, we also use this fabric for our well-known cat beds and hammocks.

1 piece
Wooden rod length 50 cm, D 10 mm
Cord length 90 cm
Weasel body approx. 30 x 5.5 cm
Quality: 50% cotton 50% polyester
100% Made in Germany
Packed airtight
Presented by our cat model Maja, British Shorthair Cat

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