Profeline - FurHerzl

Profeline - FurHerzl
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The FurHerzl - by Profeline Cat Toys - Made in Germany - tanned and manufactured... more
Product information "Profeline - FurHerzl"

The FurHerzl - by Profeline Cat Toys - Made in Germany - tanned and manufactured exclusively for Profeline. 100% organic cat toys.
The FurHerzl not only makes your heart beat faster, but also that of your cat.
As a trendy decoration, the goat skin brings real cottage magic in your living room and the seductive scent of Catnip will enchant your cat. This heart will be sure the best cuddly friend of your cat. Each goatskin heart is unique and something special, its leather and smooth fur are extremely sturdy and the slight scent of goat and catnip brings nature into your home. The heart is filled with wool and catnip and closed with an overlock seam (no glue).
Real fur for cuddling, fighting, biting and plucking.

Size: about 17 x 17 cm, height 5 cm
Color: as it is a natural product, the colors of the coat can vary from white, gray, brown to reddish brown.
See in this video how magic real fur cat toys are - Featured from our cat model Maja, British Shorthair

Good to know: All skins originate from domestic stock  - they are tanned and processed in a traditional german tannery.

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25 Mar 2018

beliebtrs Spielzeug

Meine beiden BKH-Kater lieben ihr neues Fellspielzeug. Sehr empfehlenswert und schnelle Lieferung.

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