Snow Leopard - Mouse Yak Tail

Snow Leopard - Mouse Yak Tail
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Snow Leopard Trust - Small cats help big cats. A trust project to preserve and support the... more
Product information "Snow Leopard - Mouse Yak Tail"

Snow Leopard Trust - Small cats help big cats. A trust project to preserve and support the endangered snow leopard in the protected areas of the central Tibetan highlands.

The Yak Mouse is made purely by hand from 100% wool felt. With its contrasting crochet stitches, small ears and embroidered eyes and whiskers, the Yak Mouse is made by shepherd families living in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. The long, thin tail is made of yak hair and gives this mouse its name. The Yak cow lives in Central Asia and is an important domestic animal for the population there.

Contents: 1 piece
Size approx. 10 x 5 x 5cm
100 % wool - 100 % handmade
Handmade by shepherd families in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.
This product is guaranteed natural and made from renewable raw material.
Each mouse is unique and individual in colour and shape.
Various colors, no color selection possible
Presented by our cat model Lilly, Devon Rex 5 months old.

Support the snow leopard project with your purchase - with a purchase you support the families living there and thus the snow leopard.

About the Snow Leopard Trust Project:
The organization works in 5 of 12 countries where the snow leopard is native: China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Pakistan. In each of these five countries, cat toys are handcrafted by a local partner organisation led by local staff. Small cats can help big cats - because a large part of the proceeds goes to the shepherd families living in this region.
Snowleopard Trust conducts snow leopard research, supports community conservation programmes and negotiates political decisions with local authorities to protect these endangered cats and find ways for snow leopards to live with the people who share their habitat.
Many of the families living in the snow leopard habitat are shepherds who live on less than $2 a day and depend on their livestock for food and income. The snow leopard occasionally attacks and kills animals. Members of these low-income communities therefore sometimes resort to retaliatory attacks or poaching by snow leopards to protect their herds or earn additional money. The Snow Leopard Trust's community-based conservation programme aims to break this cycle of poverty and encourage shepherds to protect local animals and ecosystems.
With the support of thousands of followers around the world, the Snow Leopard Trust's international research team is studying this endangered cat and its behaviors and needs in five countries. This helps us determine where we need to focus our conservation programmes to combat these threats and secure the future of the snow leopard!

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