Wall Supported Cat Tree Model Timo

Wall Supported Cat Tree Model Timo
from: Profeline

Wood finish:


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Product information "Wall Supported Cat Tree Model Timo"

Our series of close-to-the-wall cat trees are fitted with a wall clearance of only 3 cm and barely protrude into the room. Whether you chose the suspended version, or one with a small ground plate, this series is perfect for hallways or other tight spaces. A cat tree simply cannot be any more space saving.

Note: Please note that the horizontal adjustment of the platforms is limited due to the minimised wall clearance.

Height 105 cm
Weight 8 kg

Pictured in: Wood finish White, Carpet Cover Sunflower

Ceiling Cat Tree Model Timo consists of modules:
1x BP5, Ground plate small (W 25 cm, D 14 cm, H 18 cm)
1x LR2, Lounger platform round with sides (H 8 cm, D 60 cm, W 45 cm)
1x WB5, Short wall bracket (W 13 cm, D 16 cm, H 1,8 cm)
1x AS1, End plate (D 13 cm, H 1,8 cm)
1x S75, Sisal post (75 cm length)
1x S25, Sisal post(25 cm length)
incl. installation set

short description of the scratching post materials. For a detailed description with many sample photos, please visit our Homepage: http://www.profeline.de/en/products/cat-trees/materials/

The wood: Cathouses and padded platforms are crafted from high quality and flexible birch plywood and impregnated with oil wax. This finish gives the surfaces extensive resistance against moisture, as well as their robust and easy-care qualities.

The scratch posts: sisal scratch posts are made of solid wood. They have a total diameter of 12.5. The rope is firmly wound around the post, then fixed with water-soluble glue and placed in a tear-proof groove. Stainless steel M10 connection bolts and screwed sockets guarantee maximum stability.

The platforms covers: Depending on the model, you can choose between carpet covers and washable velcro cushions.

With velour carpet covering – available in a range of colours. The carpet grade employed by us is typically used in heavy-duty office environments. This carpet is particularly durable and easy-care due to its short and dense pile.

The velcro cushions: attach easily to the velcro points on the wooden platform. They are machine-washable and can be placed in the tumble dryer. We supply flat padded velcro cushions for the flat platforms and padded velcro cushions with high sides for the deep platforms. The fluffy Profeline velcro cushions are made from soft snuggle-cotton

Hammrock Cover: the snuggle-cotton, with its woven back and the 8 mm open fibres, is brilliantly aligned with your cat’s requirements. The fabric regulates the temperature and the high cotton content prevents any static charge. Perfect for treading and cuddling in. Washable and suitable for tumble drying.

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