Profeline - Organic Cotton HitKicker

Profeline - Organic Cotton HitKicker
from: Profeline Cat Toys

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Cat toys made of organic cotton - the seductively scented HitKicker from the Profeline Natural... more
Product information "Profeline - Organic Cotton HitKicker"

Cat toys made of organic cotton - the seductively scented HitKicker from the Profeline Natural Organic Cotton Collection - Made for Furkids

The extra large HitKicker is made of discreet striped fabric from 100% organic cotton. With its ideal length and thickness it makes its name a program for every cat. Cling on, tread with hind feet and pluck and pull the ribbons - it is the ideal prey for cats. The smells of catnip and valerian will delight your cat.
With this cat toy fighting-cats get full playfun.
Filled with 10 g. Catnip / valerian - the scent of nature and freedom pure.

A cat toy collection from 100% bio cotton materials from controlled biological cultivation (bkA). During the production of the fabrics, toxic and non-degradable pesticides are expressly avoided.
A robust woven striped fabric in combination with dangling ribbons for pulling and carrying around in the discreet colours: Nature and nude grey. The toys are filled with our popular seductively scented catnip-baldrian mixture. So that the smell remains surely all articles are aroma-sealed packed.

1 piece
Size approx. 26 x 10 cm, height 10 cm
100% organic cotton organic outer fabric (certified organic cultivation)
GOTS - certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)
filled with 10g catnip-baldrian mixture
Filling Heavy-duty, hard-wearing puffy polyester hollow fibre flakes.
The flakes are anti-allergic and permeable to air.
Aroma sealed packaging
Made in Germany
Introduced by our Boris, Devon Rex.

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17 Dec 2018

richtige Größe

das Spielzeug ist top und hat endlich mal die richtige Größe zum Kämpfen

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