The Cat`s Trapeze - 1 Pillow

The Cat`s Trapeze - 1 Pillow
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The Cat's Trapeze is an inventive stylish play/sleeping spot for particularly young and active... more
Product information "The Cat`s Trapeze - 1 Pillow"

The Cat's Trapeze is an inventive stylish play/sleeping spot for particularly young and active cats.   The Trapeze is specially designed to provide challenge for your cat, to jump through it, to climb and swing.
Cats often create a route through the house / living room to rage, eg on banks and curtains.
If you buy a kitten and get used to it directly affect the Trapeze, he will leave the furniture and interior much more alone: the Trapeze is the challenge!
But a cat also gladly sleeps! Then why not a pillow to lie on.
For the calm cat, the place to be a trapeze, high above all sleep in one of the nice pillows or "hidden" and hang up in the pad.
And then something else: it must be fitted in my interior, just like curtains!! And by the neutral color scheme, the Trapeze looks good in any modern interior and does not take too much space. It must be appropriate in some corner of a room.
If your cat is somewhat quieter and therefore wants less movement in the Trapeze, you can attach the trapeze into a corner of two walls.
Letting your cat getting used to the Trapeze by placing the lower pillow on the ground is more pleasant for your older or more quiet cat(by vary the length of the rope).
This isn’t necessary for young kitten and active races. They learn by doing.
Active races and kittens enter the Trapeze for 99.9% out of curiosity.
Some of the quiet cats doesn’t use the Trapeze on their own initiative, just like they do with a another basket or toy you buy for your cat.
The better pet shops sell a quiff substance (catnip) that attracts cats to the object where it is placed on (for example the pillows of the Trapeze).

The Cat Trapeze is suitable for 1 to 4 cats and can carry about 25 kg, not regarding to the hook but as far as sagging of the Trapeze itself. The whole product is very strong and made from robust quality.

Machine washable at 40 ° C. We recommend the trapeze hanging ironing moist, so you get less wrinkles. Do not tumble dry. 5% shrinkage after washing is possible.
The Trapeze is made ​​from 100% unbleached cotton. This fabric is specially selected for cats and very strong. This material can colored in with fabric paint as desired.
Without sisal rope length: about 1.25 meters
Diameter about 55 cm measured when flat without a pillow.
Required Interior Cushions 1 x 60 cm not included.
Load capacity: up to a weight of 25 kg

Scope of delivery:
Cats trapeze without inner cushion.
Sisal rope 0.75 cm
without mounting hook.
a description in English is included.

to fill the trapezoid you need 1 x 60 cm round pillow.
Available in your choice.

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Customer Reviews on "The Cat`s Trapeze - 1 Pillow"
2 Jul 2022

Das Trapez wird geliebt

Zwar nicht von allen Katzen, aber unsere Alex liebt dieses weiche Bettchen, diese verrückte Schaukel oder wahlweise dieses tolle Klettergerät dafür um so mehr! Sie turnt, springt, schaukelt, dass uns Zuschauern fast schwindlig wird. Auch zum Schlafen nutzt sie ihr Trapez sehr gerne. Alex vergibt also volle Punktzahl!

14 Jul 2016


Ich habe 2 Kater, der eine ist sehr aktiv (Linosch) und nicht zu bremsen, der andere (Leksy) ist ruhig und gemütlich. Selbst Linosch wollte zu beginn das Trapez nicht nutzen. Er hatte gar kein Interesse daran. Dann habe ich ein neues längeres Seil gekauft, damit das Trapez tiefer hängt, 3/4 der Füllung aus dem ebenfalls bei Profeline gekauften Kissen rausgenommen, einen Hula-hoop-Reifen zur Stabilität reingemacht und nun nimmt Linosch das Trapez zum Klettern an. Ich dachte eigentlich, dass das auch eine schöne Schlafstelle sein könnte, aber dafür nimmt es keiner an.
Insgesamt lässt sich sagen, dass das Trapez jedenfalls derzeit noch nicht der Renner ist.

17 Mar 2015

Das Katzentrapez war letztendlich zwar kleiner und weniger toll, als ich/wir es erwartet hätten, aber es ist und bleibt eine interessante Liege- und Spielfläche für Katzen.

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