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The name Catnip (CatNip) originally comes from the fact that cats are particularly attracted to the scent of this plant. The smell of catnip attracts about 50% of all cats, which is genetically determined. If your cat does not respond to the Catnip scent, why not try Valerian (a scent that almost all cats love)? This is the only alternative for scent-based cat toys for cats that do not react to CatNip, allowing you to provide these cats with "euphoric" moments of joy. Unlike in humans, the scent of Valerian has a stimulating effect on cats rather than a calming one, encouraging cats to engage intensely with the toy. Your cat will cuddle with the toy, lick it passionately, and rub their body against it.

Cat Accessories No Apartment Should Be Without

In a cat-friendly apartment, several essential accessories should not be missing. Here are some indispensable elements:

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1. Cat Furniture like Scratch Mats: Scratch mats provide cats with not only the opportunity to sharpen their claws but also to stretch and exercise. Our high-quality mats, made in Germany, are known for their durability and longevity. They are a perfect addition to any home.
2. Comfortable Cat Beds: Cats love to snuggle into soft, natural materials and lounge comfortably. In our range, you'll find a variety of easy-to-maintain cat beds that perfectly complement your home decor.
3. Stimulating Cat Toys: Toys play a significant role in a cat's life. They stimulate their natural instincts, provide physical and mental exercise, and offer hours of fun. In addition to classic toys like feather wands, balls, and mice, we also offer innovative alternatives like our cat teaser system with a wide selection of interchangeable attachments made from various materials, from feathers to fur.

At Profeline, we are passionately dedicated to enriching the coexistence of cats and their owners. Our focus is on cat-friendly accessories and creating spaces where cats can play, relax, and express their natural instincts. We are supported not only by our dedicated team but also by our charming ambassadors Maja, Boris, Lilly, & Assol.


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