Kratzbaum Baukasten hochwertig
Kratzbaum Baukastensystem

Modular Cat Tree System

Customize your dream cat tree by assembling it according to your preferences

With our wide range of cat tree modules including lounging platforms, cat houses, sisal-covered poles, hammocks, perches, and climbing ropes, you can customize your dream cat tree. Let your imagination run wild and design your cat tree according to your preferences and your cat's needs. At our store, you also have the option to purchase individual cat tree replacement parts even after years.


Popular Cat Loungers for Cat Trees

A small selection of our cat tree modules that have impressed customers.

Kaum etwas ist so unterschiedlich, wie Katzencharaktere. So würde sich wohl jede Katze einen anderen Kratzbaum bestellen. Drei Dinge aber wünschen sich alle: Echtholz, eine stabile, robuste Fertigungsweise - und gemütliche Schlaf- und Liegeplätze. Um die Wünsche von Katze und Mensch nach Individualität zu erfüllen, besteht unser Profeline Katzen Kratzbaum System aus Modulen, die Sie ganz nach Geschmack, Anforderung und Wohnungseinrichtung frei kombinieren können.

Um Ihnen die Auswahl zu erleichtern, finden Sie bei uns ein großes Sortiment sehr beliebter Komplettmodelle. Hier sind die Holz-, Teppich- und Sisalbezug-Farben ebenfalls frei wählbar. Ob Komplettmodell oder individueller Kratzbaum - in jedem Fall können Sie auch nach Jahren jedes einzelne Element ersetzen oder Ihren Profeline Kratzbaum erweitern.

Our unique modular system made of high-quality birch plywood allows you to explore the world of cat trees in a truly special way. Tailored to the needs of your beloved cat, we strive to provide you the opportunity to design a cat tree that seamlessly fits into your home and cat's preferences. The range of our cat tree modules opens up endless design possibilities for your personalized dream cat tree. From spacious lounging areas to cozy hanging caves and sturdy sisal-covered poles – you'll find all the elements with us to create the ultimate play and relaxation space for your cat. The best part is that you can combine the individual building blocks as you please.

Unleash Your Imagination! Mold the cat tree according to your desires and your cat's individual preferences. Does your feline friend prefer climbing heights? Add more levels. Does your cat love relaxing in cozy hideaways? Integrate a cat house. Our selection of hammocks, perches, and climbing ropes also offers additional variety and entertainment. We understand that your cat's preferences can change over time. That's why we offer you the option to purchase every single replacement part for your cat tree from us, even years later. This way, you can continually adapt and expand your four-legged companion's living space to ensure ongoing joy and satisfaction.