Profeline - CatNip Meow

Profeline - CatNip Meow
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Meow the smelly pillow is manufactured in Germany . It is extremely robust and has... more
Product information "Profeline - CatNip Meow"

Meow the smelly pillow is manufactured in Germany. It is extremely robust and has the ideal size to cuddle and wrest.
The fluffy fabric from our profeline cuddly cotton is extremely soft and very robust. The cat face is lovingly embroidered and in the soft cotton core is a mixture of french CatNip and valerian in pharmacy quality.
The seductive smell of CatNip and Valerian and the compact cat-like shape will inspire your cat and stimulate them to play and fight.

1 piece
Size 12 x 14 cm
Quality: 50% cotton 50% polyester
Featured by our cat model Maja, British Shorthair


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customer reviews on "Profeline - CatNip Meow"
11 Sep 2017


Mein Kater liebt dieses Kissen heiss und innig, der flippt regelrecht aus damit !
Der kämpft regelrecht mit dem Kissen, reibt sich dran, wirft es in die Luft,
fängt es wieder, und bearbeitet es dann mit seinen Hinterfüssen.
Aber dieses stabile Kissen hält das aus- absolut empfehlenswert !

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