Replacement Carpet rectangular

Replacement Carpet rectangular
from: Profeline


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With our System you can easily remove the carpet cover from the wood and replaced it.... more
Product information "Replacement Carpet rectangular"

With our System you can easily remove the carpet cover from the wood and replaced it.

Replacement cover fits the modules: BP2, LE1, LE2, LE4, KH1, KH2

Size approx. 46 x 36 cm

The velour carpet covering – available in a range of colours. The carpet grade employed by us is typically used in heavy-duty office environments. This carpet is particularly durable and easy-care due to its short and dense pile.

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4 Aug 2019

Super Qualität: Ersatz auch nach vielen Jahren noch erhältlich

War froh, dass ich nach sieben Jahren noch einen Ersatz bestellen konnte: wiei gewohnt gute Qualität, schöne gute Bezüge (Farbe, Material).

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