Profeline - Felted Teaser

Profeline - Felted Teaser
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A cat pole made of 100% natural materials. The Felted Teaser from the Profeline CatToys Pure... more
Product information "Profeline - Felted Teaser"

A cat pole made of 100% natural materials.
The Felted Teaser from the Profeline CatToys Pure Wool Collection - 100 % wool felted by hand.

An octopus with 8 felt legs at the end of a felt cord is attached to the thick, robust wooden stick. The funny, swinging legs of the squid want to be caught and bitten. They are delicious to eat but no worries - the naturally colored cat articles are fully digestible.
With this unique cat rod the common play becomes a pleasure for cat and man - the ideal length of the felt band guarantees a close and active cat play between human and cat. The wooden stick with a good grip lies comfortably in the hand.

Cats love the smell of natural wool - with our Pure Wool series in black & white design you get a high-quality product which will give your whole family and of course your cat long pleasure. Our cat toys of the Pure Wool Collection are manufactured exclusively in Kathmandu (Nepal) by our partner - a Fair Trade Company - in careful handicraft. Felted only with water and soap, the wool toys in Kathmandu dry in the sun.
All products are guaranteed natural and made from renewable raw materials. The high-quality felt is very robust and extra firmly felted. Quality Made by Profeline

1 piece
length felt cord and squid approx. 110 cm
Wooden stick 25 cm
100 % wool, 100 % handmade
This product is guaranteed to be natural and made from renewable raw materials.
Each Felted Teaser is unique and individual in shape and length of the felt band.
Presented by our cat Maja - British Shorthair.
With your purchase you support a fair trade project in Nepal - Kathmandu

Wool is naturally antibacterial and dirt repellent. Sheep wool also has a high self-cleaning power.
Further positive characteristics are a naturally regulating thermo-heat, breathable at any time of the year, skin and fur sympathetic and there is no static charge.

What does wet felting mean? Only soap and water are used for wet felting. The warm soapy water causes the wool to swell and the top layer of dandruff in the wool spreads out. The wool is pulled through the soapy water by hand, pressed and shaped. The movement in the warm water causes a close connection between the individual wool scales and fibres, so that gradually a firm felt develops.

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customer reviews on "Profeline - Felted Teaser"
21 Feb 2021


Ein sehr schönes und tolles Produkt. Endlich mal was aus guten Matrial. Meine Katzen können sich gar nicht trennen.Ein toller Shop.

7 Jan 2021


This is by far my kitten’s favorite toy. She will play with it for several hours a day. Great purchase!

13 Sep 2020


Das Katzenspielzeug ist hochwertig produziert und fernab von Chinaschrott. Einfach super, unsere Katzen lieben es.

27 Jan 2020

Klare Kaufempfehlung

Sehr tolles Spielzeug für meine zwei Norwerger. Sobald diese Angel in Sichtweite kommt, gibts kein Halten mehr.

19 Aug 2019


Wunderbares Spielzeug für Katzen.Meine zwei Stubentiger sind begeistert. Habe bereits eine zweite Angel nachbestellt:)

17 Dec 2018


Selbst mein fauler Bert bejagd die Angel unermüdlich sobald ich sie aus der Spioelkiste hole gibts kein Halten mehr.

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