Profeline - Organic Cotton FunnyChicken

Profeline - Organic Cotton FunnyChicken
from: Profeline Cat Toys

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Cat toy FunnyChicken - smells seductively like catnip / valerian The funny organic chicken in a... more
Product information "Profeline - Organic Cotton FunnyChicken"

Cat toy FunnyChicken - smells seductively like catnip / valerian

The funny organic chicken in a trendy striped look from the Profeline CatToys Natural Organic Cotton Collection - lovingly handmade in Germany.

The cheeky chicken with its red felt comb and cotton ribbons is made of 100% organic cotton in a discreet striped fabric.
The chicken can be attached to a cat rod with a carabiner hook. The chicken that smells like catnip and valerian can be lovingly cuddled by your cat and plucked at the ribbons or you let the chicken fly through the air and your cat discovers its hunting instinct and begins to chase after the feathered cattle.

Cat toy collection made of 100% organic cotton fabrics from controlled organic cultivation (bkA). During the production of the fabrics, toxic and non-degradable pesticides are expressly avoided.
A robust woven striped fabric in combination with dangling ribbons for pulling and carrying around in the discreet colours: Nature and nude grey. The toys are filled with our popular seductively scented catnip-baldrian mixture. To keep the scent, all items are packed airtight. Made in Germany.

1 piece
body approx. 11 x 11 cm
100% organic cotton organic outer fabric (certified organic cultivation)
GOTS - certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)
filled with 5g catnip-baldrian mixture
Filling Heavy-duty, hard-wearing puffy polyester hollow fibre flakes.
The flakes are anti-allergic and permeable to air.
in an aroma-sealed packaging
Made in Germany
Introduced by our cat model Maya (British Shorthair) and Boris (Devon Rex).

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