Profeline Game-Box

Profeline Game-Box
from: Profeline Cat Toys

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The cat game box is lovingly arranged for your cat. The box is an all-round carefree package... more
Product information "Profeline Game-Box"

The cat game box is lovingly arranged for your cat.
The box is an all-round carefree package for playful cat owners!
It's your cat's birthday - or a little kitten comes into the house - and you are looking for a special present for your velvet paw.
The Profeline game box offers a selection of different cat toys for your darling.
You get a little cat and don't know its preferences yet - then this box is ideal, because there is something for all senses.

  • Toys for playing together like a rod and / or duster.
  • A kick and push toy for the single activity.
  • Spring toys, fur toys, and toys made of wool or cotton.
  • Various scents of catnip, valerian or silver vine
  • a small instruction and tips for playing with your cat
With this variety of cat toys you will get to know your little cat and will enjoy playing together for a long time.
With our lovingly arranged selection of cat toys, our bestsellers and novelties, you are guaranteed to inspire your cat!
Go on a discovery tour together with your cat.
And so that giving presents is even more fun, you can save money at our individual sales prices.

size 60 x 20 x 10 cm
Content - feather rod, feather duster, charms, scented pillows, spirals and much more.Depending on availability at the manufacturers, the contents may vary.
But we promise you will save a lot of money at our retail prices.
Have fun while unpacking and discovering the Profeline Game-Box!


Unboxing Profeline Surprise Box Summer 2017.

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27 Jan 2021


Preislich top und sehr schön verpackt. Meine Katze ist immer wieder gespannt was als nächstes aus der Box kommt.

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