Profeline - FurBunny

Profeline - FurBunny
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Product information "Profeline - FurBunny"

100 % genuine rabbit fur from german traditional tannery. Filled with genuine lamb wool and a mixture of French CatNip and valerian in pharmacy quality.

The seductive scent of CatNip, valerian and the soft fur of the rabbit will inspire your cat to hunt. Especially the coat of a rabbit awakens the basic instinct of cats to hunt small prey animals - and turns every kitten into a tiger. With a length of 24 cm, the toy can be ideally clasped, burying the nose in the fragrant bunny and a loving bite and plucking can begin. The FurBunny can endure a lot! No worry at the fur bag may be plucked without doubts - it consists of 100% genuine rabbit fur with leather back (no synthetic fiber flocked with fur). The rabbit skin is tanned and made up in Germany, chrome-free (medical tanning).

Real fur for cuddling, fighting, biting and plucking!

Body: length / diameter approx. 24 cm / 5 cm
Cotton ribbons length approx. 14 cm
100 % rabbit fur - as this is a natural product, the colours of the fur can vary from white, grey, brown to reddish brown.
Tanned and made up chrome-free in Germany.
Packed airtight for a fresh fragrance.

Our cat models: Maja British Shorthair / Lilly and Boris Devon Rex

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14 Dec 2019

Einfach Top

Kuschelig weich und nach Katzenminze duftend ist das Spielzeug der neue Favorit meiner verwöhnten Fellnasen.

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